How reveal duplicate files on your computer and free up hard drive space

With prolonged use of Windows may float to the surface some of the files and documents repeated and that may thing for taking a large space on the hard drive,That is why the process disclosed manually may be very stressful to the point that it may be impossible to detect without the use of tools or specialized software to detect repeated files and documents on the hard drive.
This solution can be used Duplicate Finder Which works to check the hard drive of duplicate files On the computer before the show and gives you the chance to delete them after making sure of the validity of the results.

Gemayel Duplicate Finder program that quick search and find duplicate files , As for how to use it, it is very simple , Enough to download and install the program that you are running and choose a CD or track you wish to scan by clicking on add path You can customize your search through a search option window
Where you can search for duplicate files by match time byte by byte Or through the match in the same file name name 

After completion of the program you can click on the Start search to start search , After Closing select files you want to delete through education click on delete files.

Program is available in two versions free and paid but the free version is enough to clean your computer from duplicate files,The program also tested and works on Windows 8 and Windows 7 and Windows xp Earn It also supports Windows vista .

Download : Duplicate Finder

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